People love Pure Country Pork, because.......
  • Food Alliance certified
  • Raised in a sustainable and natural environment, where they are free to move about and have access to fresh water and wholesome feed that is specifically formulated to their growth needs
  • Never administered antibiotics, or Ionophores that are used in the water, injection or feed
  • No added hormones, growth stimulants, or animal byproducts
  • The sows and gilts are not confined to gestation stalls
  • Sows are Farrowed naturally outside, not in a confinement crate
  • They are bedded in straw
  • Free to move about except when being transported
  • Never administered Antibiotics including Ionophores are not used in water, injection, or feed
  • No added Growth Hormones
  • No added animal-based feed products
  • Humanely harvested at USDA inspected plants
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