Frequently Asked Questions
What is a natural pig?
In our opinion, a natural pig is born in an environment where the sow and her offspring are not caged or confined, but are kept in a space that allows free movement. Instead of concrete flooring and enclosed buildings, our natural pigs are given access to natural bedding and given plenty of space throughout their growing period. They are fed a wholesome diet without added growth hormones, antibiotics, or animal byproducts.
Why is Pure Country Pork better than other natural pork products?
We believe our product is superior to other products because our hogs have been genetically bred for generations to produce a lean but slightly marbled meat that is very moist and juicy, with a fabulous flavor for the finest cooking.
Are the pigs raised humanely?
Yes. We view our animals regularly throughout the day for any signs of injury or illness and to be sure they always have free access to feed and water. We use sound animal husbandry practices as outlined in the PQA Plus Program (PDF).
Do we treat sick animals?
Any pig that becomes sick is removed from our naturally raised pig program and placed at a separate facility for treatment. The pig never returns to the Pure Country Pork facility. This ensures that no animal in our program will have undergone therapeutic intervention.
What sort of facilities are the pigs housed in?
Sows give birth to their litters in individual A-frame birthing huts. Once the piglets are weaned, our animals are housed in open air buildings with natural bedding of straw, cornstalks, or wood shaving. Bedding is added or changed as needed to maintain a clean and dry area for sleeping. They have plenty of space for movement and are sheltered from weather.
What are your pigs fed?
Pure Country Pork pigs are fed some of the finest grains raised in the Northwest, (triticale, wheat, barley, and peas), we add vegetable protein, flax seed, vitamins, and minerals. Our feed rations are nutritionally balanced according to the age of the pigs, all without added hormones, antibiotics, or animal products.
Is our pork healthy for me and my family?
Yes it is! Pork is high in B vitamins and minerals, and is a great source of high quality complete protein critical for repairing body tissues. Lean pork can be as low in calories and cholesterol as other white meats. For those consumers who are concerned about eating meats from animals that have been treated with antibiotics, Pure Country Pork products offer an alternative.
What is wrong with using antibiotics in the pig feed?
While feeding antibiotics in the regular feed rations may help keep the pigs disease-free while they are growing to market weight, there can be some antibiotic residue left in the meat if these medications have been given within 90 days of slaughter. There have been a few isolated cases of allergic reaction in some individuals who have eaten a product that contained these types of residues. Also, some bacteria may become resistant to certain antibiotics, making them less effective over time, and so it is best to keep antibiotic use at minimum whenever possible.
How are your animals harvested?
Each facility that harvests for Pure Country Pork are USDA inspected packing plant, where cleanliness and hygiene are maintained and HACCP guidelines are followed. Humane practices are used in the movement and harvesting of the animals.
Where can you find our product?
Our pork is shipped all over the United States and to the orient. We sell live hogs, on the rail, or boxed to the customer specification. For more information see our Marketing page.
What are GMOs and are they safe?
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