Raising Our Pigs

Our sows are free to roam with access to fresh water, and are fed wholesome, quality feed.

When the sows are ready to farrow (birth) they are moved in groups of 8-10 sows. They each have their own A-frame birthing hut to birth in. This allows the piglets to move away from their mother out of harm if necessary.

The piglets are housed with their mother from 5-7 weeks of age. At this age, they are able to thrive without their mother.


When they are weaned the piglets are grouped (housed) in a shelter that is bedded deep in straw, or other natural bedding, with free access to feed and water at all times. Here they are protected from all extremes of weather.


As you see in our pictures our pigs are raised in a happy, healthy, stress free atmosphere, where they enjoy fresh air, sunshine, a healthy group atmosphere, and can interact with each other and their environment.

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